Tony Locantro

I have been passionate about speculation and junior resource stocks for 19 years and my article Speculative Portfolio Construction is the culmination of this. Provides not only insights into how to build a knowledge base, but also some book suggestions and juniors worthy of further research and reasons why I believe they have the potential to become much bigger companies. Speculation is all about risk and reward and once you understand the risks, pitfalls, and how psychology and human behaviour drives prices and sectors it can be the most rewarding sector to be involved in. Download the article here (VIEW LINK)


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Tony Locantro

Ideally I would love to go somewhere like Costa Rica or even Hawaii for a couple of years and take the end result of some of these stocks. The hard part is being on top of it too much and the temptation to sell or chop and change. I learnt two big lessons in floating Indepedence Group (IGO) and Medusa Mining (MML) as the lotto dream was always on my holding statements. Been a savage market but I like the mix I have come up with.

James Marlay

Tony thanks for sharing and welcome to LW. It would be great to follow the progress of your portfolio through Livewire. If and when you have material updates on the stocks in your portfolio please give us an update so we can track the progress.