Our report provides detailed coverage of 37 LICs (and two LIC hybrids) including historical performances over a periodical accumulation basis; reported portfolio composition; investment strategy; dividend history; and risk/return gauges. Based on our filters of investment performance, dividend yield and the current indicative premium/discount to NTA, our preferred LICs currently are: 1.AUI - Offers exposure to the ASX 300, with a yield of 4.0% fully franked; 2.DUI - Provides a more broad based domestic exposure with the inclusion of medium and small cap stocks and international ETFs in its portfolio, yields 4.0% fully franked, and has outperformed the ASX300 Accumulation Index by 0.7% pa over the last 10 years; and 3.PGF - Investment performance has matched its benchmark, the MSCI World Accumulation Index over the last 12 months, and has indicated it aims to pay a dividend in Feb 2016. Read here (VIEW LINK)

Patrick Poke

This was a really useful and interesting report. I really enjoyed the profile on FGG (especially as a shareholder in FGX who intends to take up the offer), the section on the options outstanding was great too - I learned the hard way how much it can hurt the share price (not to mention the earnings dilution) when the shares on issue doubles in a short period of time.