No one rings a bell

Perpetual Limited one rings a bell at the top of a euphoric market telling everyone to get out. It is only after the correction that you see and understand the importance of owning sound, quality companies. Those companies shares will fall too, but it will be the investors that got carried away and compromised risk by chasing short-term returns that get hurt the most. Perversely it is usually these same investors that sell at the bottom of a collapse and they usually are indiscriminate in what they sell, thus providing an opportunity for smart investors to buy good companies at for sale prices. For Perpetual's new eBook, Decimal to Digital we've interviewed fund managers past and present for their keys to investing success. Register to receive your copy: (VIEW LINK)

Perpetual Limited

Perpetual Limited is an independent and diversified financial services group providing specialised investment management, wealth advice and corporate fiduciary services to individuals, families, financial advisers and institutions.



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Ahmet Ozaydin

" opportunity for smart investors to buy good companies at for sale prices". Smart investors-by definition-would not be chasing quality shares. They will be already owning them and keeping them for long term.

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