Welcome to the first edition of the Inside Investing podcast. Each week, Graham Hand, Publisher and Managing Editor of Cuffelinks, and I will take you inside the investing world we experience each week as we produce our newsletters.

We will discuss interesting conversations or conferences we have enjoyed, highlight insightful articles from both our newsletters, and share some quirky moments in the markets. We will also invite high profile guests to share their views. 

About Cuffelinks

Cuffelinks provides investors with a complementary service to that of Livewire. The Cuffelinks website has a rich archive of well-researched articles providing answers to many important issues facing investors and how they implement their investment strategies. It is independently operated and the quality of the investment information is of the highest standard. For those Livewire readers not familiar with Cuffelinks, I highly recommend visiting the website and registering for the weekly newsletter

Please click on the podcast below for the first edition of Inside Investing.


Featured Articles

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Good start lads. I like the cross-over with Cuffelinks - not just discussing Livewire content.

James Marlay

Appreciate the feedback. Cuffelinks have some great content and I'm keen to help Livewire readers discover new information that can help with their investing. The podcast will be a learning process and I'm sure we will get better as we go. Have a great weekend. James

Anna Ferella

Is the podcast available in iTunes?

Liz Klar

At the moment on iTunes, Inside Investing doesn't come up yet. However, if you type Cuffelinks in to search, a "soundcloud test" does come up so presumably Inside Investing is intended to be in the iTunes store soon.

James Marlay

Hi Anna, as Liz points out we are planning on getting this to itunes. However, there is a slight approval process to go through. Note that Inside Investing will have it's own channel - not the Cuffelinks or Livewire channels. James

peter C

Hi , Can you enable the RSS feed for this podcast. That is so I can listen in my preferred podcast app..Thank You

James Marlay

Hi Peter, the RSS is now available. James