This week on Inside Investing Graham and I revisit an article by Paul Keating looking at a new challenge for retirement planning. We look at the staggering numbers behind a2 Milk’s surging share price and as always we highlight two quirky stories we encountered this week. Tune in!

The Inside Investing podcast is a joint initiative cohosted by myself and by Graham Hand, who is the Publisher and Managing Editor of Cuffelinks.

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This week's agenda

  • The evolution of peer to peer lending
  • How Ashok Jacob of Ellerston Capital views the investing world
  • Keating on new challenges arising from increased life expectancy
  • Can a2 Milk's earnings match the hype?
  • Two quirky things we found in finance this week

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Barolo Bill

Another great episode, loving this podcast, keep up the good work. Have watched the A2M rise from 70c to +$7 over the last few years, i was a sceptic for a long time, but it keeps going up!. BUB and WHA are the bigger worries, valuations there use A2M as the base case and are truly outrageous and clearly in bubble territory. The retail investor logic goes that if A2M can do I, so can they. dangerous thinking and likely to end badly.