In its latest Quarterly LMI Market Review, Independent Investment Research (IIR) provides detailed coverage of 35 listed investment companies, listed investment trusts and exchange quoted managed funds including commentary, investment views and ratings. We look across a number of sectors and investing strategies and provide insight into performance, discounts and premiums to NTA. There are five additions to our coverage this quarter; Asian Masters Fund (AUF); K2 Global Equities Fund (Hedge Fund), (KII); K2 Australian Small Cap Fund (Hedge Fund), (KSM); US Select Private Equities Fund III (USP) and WAM Leaders (WLE). Click on the link below to access a full copy of the review.

Michael Fricker

Are there more recent Quarterly reviews available? e.g December 2016 or preferably March 2017 and if so are they free or is there a cost involved. Thank you, Michael Fricker