Dan Petrie

Women’s money collaborative magazine Financy and data company, Data Digger (disclosure - datadigger.com.au is owned by the author) have today launched the Financy Women’s Index, which provides a reliable benchmark on the progress of Australian women across their working life.

Source: Financy, Data Digger, March 2017

In the 12 months to December 2016, the Financy Women’s Index improved 4.1 points to 106.2 points, as the number of women occupying corporate board positions rose and the disparity between average earnings fell to its lowest in five years.

• Corporate Australia drives the Financy Women’s Index higher as ASX top 20 companies surpass a 30% target for women on boards.

• The number of women in full-time work is still yet to crack the 3-million mark.

• Over 50% of women are enrolling in tertiary studies linked to industries with low wages growth.

• The gap between the average superannuation balances of women and men has widened by 2 percentage points over the past five years.

Source: Financy, Data Digger, March 2017


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