This morning the US Federal Reserve removed all further expected rate hikes for 2019 (via its projected 'dot plot' series) in acknowledgement that ''economic growth has slowed''.  They also plan to taper the balance sheet roll off, with a full halt by September this year.  Both of these developments should be bullish for US Treasury Government Bonds.  We have noted in previous investor presentations that the US 10 year Government Bond rate has been at or below the level of Fed Funds at the ''terminal rate'' in every cycle of the last 50 years. 

Did the Fed just go terminal (ie is +2.50% the highest Fed Funds of this cycle)?  We think so, the incoming data globally remains very poor with weakening velocity. This should leave US Treasury Bonds with plenty of runway for continued capital gain. US Government Bonds also have the highest income yields in the G7 by a significant margin, potentially making their expected total returns (bond income plus or minus capital gains) look healthy this year within the defensive asset complex.

JCB still expects further $AUD currency depreciation over the year as the Australian housing recalibration drags on the economy, so our preference for international bond allocations remains on an unhedged currency basis. A defensive allocation on an unhedged currency basis can sling shot performance should the $AUD depreciate, as we have seen in many previous risk market drawdowns. Such an allocation throughout the GFC would have returned more than 50%.

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Lloyd C

Problem is that there's no pure unhedged US bonds ETF on the ASX. There's not even an unhedged US infrastructure fund ETF.

Charlie Jamieson

hi Lloyd, you could consider CC JCB Global Bond Fund. The ultimate assets are $USD priced high grade government bonds and we offer Australian investors two classes, AUD hedged and AUD unhedged with a no cost option to switch between classes at will, giving investors full flexibility to manage the currency exposure whilst benefiting from institutional FX conversion rates available to us as the manger. Further details are available on the website.