What does everyone think of OzForex

Jason Prowd

What does everyone think of OzForex? Fantastic economics. It'll be interesting to see if margins can remain high. Here's our more detailed view - (VIEW LINK)


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James Shillington

I'd be staying well clear of this one. PE firms rarely leave much on the table for investors. A price of near 22 times for a company that operates in a highly commoditized, over serviced segment of financial markets appears expensive. The low barriers to entry and competitive nature of the FX market leaves slim chance of any margin growth, and thus upside for investors.

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James Marlay

I am not much of an expert on the Forex business but keenly waiting to see how the float performs. There has been plenty of pent up tension and expectation that the IPO pipeline is about burst. This one is a decent size float to test that theory and the appetite of the investment community.

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