What I'm Buying, Macquarie Group Ltd (MQG) PT $59. MQG is set to deliver its third-largest annual profit in May, on the back of better than expected results from its Fixed Income, Currencies and Commodities Unit (FICC). Full year earnings would likely be about 40-45% higher than last year, as increased volatility in its markets appears to have buoyed commodities trading and its principal investments. In previous years the bank has had difficulty attracting retail investment due in no small part to aggressive asset re-cycling and poor communication of its longer term strategy. The shift towards annuity-style business, such as funds management, will only improve sentiment and attract the more conservative investor. While analysts opinions are mixed, with 6 Buys, 8 Holds and 2 Sells (Bloomberg), I believe the stock can push north of $59 in the short term so am comfortable buying at these levels. Outlook is positive.