Generating new ideas is an essential part of the investing process, however, the search can be time-consuming and daunting. Most of us rely on a few trusted sources that we regularly turn to, but how often do you invest the time to discover new ways of generating ideas?

In our first survey of 2020, we want to understand how you're feeling about markets right now and hear about your #1 sources of investment ideas. The team at Livewire will collate the survey data, creating an essential guide that will inject fresh ideas to your investment process.

The survey is short and those who participate will get first access to the results.

Complete the survey via the link below and leave your preferred email address so we can send you the final report.


What's on offer?

The survey is meant to be a bit of fun and to help our members learn from each other.

  1. All survey participants will get first access to the special report that showcases the #1 sources of investment ideas.
  2. The first 20 people to complete the survey will also receive a limited edition Livewire cap.

*You must complete the survey before midnight on 8/03/2020 to be eligible for prizes.


Maxwell Percy

You have created a wonderful beast that is equally applicable for Kiwi Investors. I include Livewire as part of my essential daily reading to increase my knowledge base and and help with my investment decisions. Thankyou to you and your team for the excellent content and a superb read.

James Marlay

Hi Maxwell, Thanks for that feedback. We've been meaning to come over to New Zealand and meet some of the local fund managers for some time. Definitely, high up on the priority list for us. Thanks for your feedback and I'll be sure to share it with the team. Cheers, James

rick nalder

I did the survey and my head awaits the cap!. The variety of information and opinions is invaluable to assist investors like me screen out market noise and I will comment on 1 question that needed an extra answer option......Now is the time to use a blend of sit and wait/buy the dip/sell the overexuberance . As a retail investor, last week selling some stocks saved me over $34k in next day losses ( and yes I factored in brokerage) in losses and I have bought back in on the dip on most of the stocks with more shares owned only to be hit today by irrational panicky Mr Market on Wall Street!!@@##...OMG what do they want after a 50 point drop by the Fed ?....but thats Mr Market for ya!