What is the most effective strategy that you implement to protect your portfolio against volatility, particularly to the downside?

In this Collection... First published on 14th Jul 2016

When markets go into a tailspin, investors tend to scramble for safety. The problem with this is that it can often be too late. As Peter Lynch once famously said: ‘The day after the market crashed in 1987, people began to worry that the market was going to crash.’” Investors who prepare in calmer times can equip themselves to take advantage of the volatility, as opposed to those who wait for the ‘blood in the streets’ moments. We asked three fund managers with different approaches for their most effective strategy to protect portfolios against volatility. Responses come from Prasad Patkar, Portfolio Manager at Platypus Asset Management, Matt Haupt, Portfolio Manager at Wilson Asset Management, and Justin Braiting, Chief Investment Officer of Watermark Funds. Also includes video responses from Nathan Bell, Head of Research at Peters MacGregor, and Chad Slater, Joint-CIO of Morphic Asset Management.