Income Series 2019
Christopher Joye

Australians tend to have a lot of cash, property, and equities. There is not much in between. Hybrids, however, generally pay a healthy regular income on a quarterly basis at a substantial spread above the RBA cash rate. Currently, five-year major bank hybrids are paying about 5% pa, including franking.... Show More


If you already own Hybrids you’ll be familiar with some of their benefits: attractive yields, access to franking credits and lower volatility relative to equities. However, as terms and conditions differ from security to security, Hybrids can be a complex and admin intensive asset class for investors. Show More

Expert Insights

Believers in the efficient market theory would tell you that it’s impossible to find mispricing opportunities in a liquid market, but in the opaque world of Australian hybrids, the mispricings are rife. Christopher Joye, Co-Chief Investment Officer at Coolabah Capital, says these inefficiencies can create incredible opportunities, for those equipped... Show More


To cut through the deafening noise around this week’s Federal budget, Livewire has asked four of Australia’s leading Economists to boil the budget down to its single most important theme, and to explain what it means for investors. We also asked which specific sectors of the market are going to... Show More


As global sharemarkets recovered, the Australian exchange traded fund industry continued its growth trajectory finishing the month with $21.3 billion in funds under management – this 3% increase for the month represented total growth of $685 million. Show More


A lot of Australians need to get out more! Generally, allocations to international equities are very light for most investors, even though Australia represents less than 2% of global market cap. With this in mind, a lot of investors still prefer the comfort of investing in locally listed vehicles. The... Show More