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Close to US$250 billion has poured into Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) so far this year, and this flow continues unabated. However, prominent active managers such as Howard Marks have questioned who the buyer would be when the market turns. We sat down with Christian Obrist, Head of iShares for Australia... Show More

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The growth of Exchange Traded Funds has seen the value of funds under management pass US$5 trillion on a global basis, and A$40 billion within Australia. We spoke with Christian Obrist, Head of iShares in Australia, to ask what the key drivers behind this inexorable growth are. In this transcripted... Show More

While it offers a good way to diversify your portfolio, the yield on cash is a shadow of its former self. However, it’s time to rethink this and take a fresh look at how recent innovations can achieve a more meaningful yield, without compromising liquidity or transparency. To find out... Show More

iShares is making important changes to its range of international ETFs to help you build better portfolios - subject to investor approval. Beginning June 2018, iShares is changing the way fourteen (14) of its international index iShares ETFs are listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). The benefits to investors... Show More

John Robertson

BlackRock funds manager Evy Hambro accused mineral explorers of widespread dishonesty at this year’s Mines and Money conference in London. Strangely, no-one seemed to care. Hambro was just one of the many money managers lamenting mining industry shortcomings at the conference last week but none voiced a more deep-seated criticism.... Show More

Rick Rieder Managing Director, Chief Investment Officer of Fundamental Fixed Income, Blackrock “Changing consumption habits are limiting the usefulness of traditional economic metrics”. The chart below supports the statement. Show More