Asset Allocation
Tracey McNaughton

I recently checked the quality of my cars’ airbags. The exercise was simple, fast and provided immediate comfort that my car would be safe when faced with treacherous conditions. Such conditions are possibly being faced by investors currently. Its timely, therefore, to check the airbags in your portfolio.Airbags for your... Show More

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With the backing of a highly experienced team, the Perpetual Credit Income Trust provides investors with access to the entire breadth of the credit market, including corporates, banks/financials, supranationals, high yield, loans and asset-backed securities. In this short video, Perpetual Investments Senior High Yield Analyst, Anne Moal, shows investors how... Show More

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The Perpetual Credit Income Trust employs an investment style that seeks opportunities within the broadest possible universe, providing diversification while at the same time managing risk during any point in a market cycle. In this short video, Michael Korber, Head of Credit and Fixed Income at Perpetual Investments, explains why... Show More

Asset Allocation
Scott Haslem

This month we provide an update on how our high and ultra-high-net-worth, family office and not-for-profit clients are invested. Importantly, we also take a look at how they have managed their portfolios through recent volatility—in particular, through the sharp correction in risk at the end of 2018 and the subsequent... Show More

Tom Stevenson

Were we really so credulous? Did we really know so little about foreign food? 62 years ago today, Panorama aired one of the great April Fool’s jokes. The report showed farmers apparently picking spaghetti from trees, and laying it out to dry. It allegedly fooled even the BBC’s director general... Show More

Stuart Jackson

Aristocrat Leisure Limited (ASX:ALL) diversified its exposure beyond gaming machines with its acquisition of social casino business Product Madness and the internet gaming system and remote game server from GameAccount Network. Revenue generated by the business increased from under US$15 million in FY12 to US$354 million in the 12 months... Show More


Domestically focused investors will most likely be ‘diversified’ primarily across four banks and two miners, a strategy that exposes you to shifting rate markets and the vagaries of the commodity cycle. In contrast, investing globally opens up the full spectrum of sectors, but the question then is how to do... Show More

Peter Wilmshurst

When it comes to investing, Australians forego their ‘globetrotter’ reputation and rarely look past local companies. In consumption, however, we are far worldlier and have embraced international brands such as Apple, Samsung, Google, BP and Toyota. Show More

Asset Allocation

With challenges for equity markets rising, even a defensively positioned balance fund, with just 45-50% equity exposure could struggle to deliver positive returns, warns Simon Doyle, Head of Fixed Income & Multi-Asset at Schroders, who emphasises that true flexibility in asset allocation will be critical ahead. In this exclusive, Simon... Show More