Unleash the potential of your cash position

iShares by Blackrock

While it offers a good way to diversify your portfolio, the yield on cash is a shadow of its former self. However, it’s time to rethink this and take a fresh look at how recent innovations can achieve a more meaningful yield, without compromising liquidity or transparency. To find out... Show More

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Making international markets easier to access

iShares by Blackrock

iShares is making important changes to its range of international ETFs to help you build better portfolios - subject to investor approval. Beginning June 2018, iShares is changing the way fourteen (14) of its international index iShares ETFs are listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). The benefits to investors... Show More

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Bitcoin, Bubbles and Bullion....outlook for 2018

Jordan Eliseo

With a performance that is on track to 20-bag this year, there is little doubt it’s going to be a very Merry Christmas for Bitcoin enthusiasts, many of whom have made truly astonishing gains in 2017. Show More

Great investment opportunity appearing in global banks

Nader Naeimi

There is a strong correlation between banks and bond yields, as the chart below shows. Extreme interest rate policies in Europe and Japan have led to remarkably low yields, and in turn, banks trading close to - or even below - book value. However, with rates turning back up in... Show More

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Executive Series - BetaShares Capital Managing Director, Alex Vynokur


Tom Piotrowski speaks with BetaShares Capital Managing Director, Alex Vynokur about the company’s Cybersecurity ETF which is listed on the ASX under the ticker code HACK To view more Executive Series interviews, visit: Show More

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RBA's Housing Humiliation

Christopher Joye

In The AFR I don't pull my punches in holding our esteemed central bank to account for its consistently poor analysis of the housing boom its easy money policies created and for broadcasting misleading characterisations of conditions to rationalise the May and August rate cuts ex post facto. If I... Show More

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Technical break suggests further gains for ETF over Dow Jones Transportation Average Index

Saxo Capital Markets Australia

The ETF over the Dow Jones Transportation Average (IYT) has made a clear break out of an inverse head-and-shoulders formation and the technical set up suggests there are further gains to be made, say Sydney-based Saxo traders. According to the traders, the profit targets are broken down by the respective... Show More

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Anniversaries, Smart Money, and Regulation: It’s all about Trust!

Jordan Eliseo

It’s been a quiet month for gold, with the yellow metal up slightly, despite a reduction in net longs, minor ETF outflows, and a rally in risk assets. Sentiment has definitely turned though, with a buy-the-dips mentality emerging amongst banks, including UBS and Credit Suisse, whilst Peter Grandich thinks “the... Show More

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Australian Dollar Gold On Way to New Highs?

Jordan Eliseo

Until the RBA rate cut in early May, the rally in the Aussie had limited 2016 gains for local gold investors. But with the currency now breaking back below USD $0.73, the next up-leg in Aussie dollar gold prices is underway, with the price pushing above AUD $1740 an ounce... Show More

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A quick investment checklist for selecting stocks

Intelligent Investor

Don't make avoidable mistakes. Here's a 12-point checklist to cover off the big issues before you buy a stock. [Bonus video: Charlie Munger's checklist] Show More

The importance of Asset Allocation and how to implement diversity across your portfolio


The simplest way to add value through asset allocation is to be in the right asset class at the right point in the economic and business cycle. Which is all well and good if you have a crystal ball – unfortunately no-one does. Given current levels of overall share market... Show More

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Adding offshore exposure with locally listed vehicles


A lot of Australians need to get out more! Generally, allocations to international equities are very light for most investors, even though Australia represents less than 2% of global market cap. With this in mind, a lot of investors still prefer the comfort of investing in locally listed vehicles. The... Show More

BetaShares Australian ETF Review: January 2016


The holiday is definitely over! The markets have experienced a horror start to 2016. While losses were sustained across global share markets, it was an opportunity for the exchange traded fund industry to display its resilience amongst the turmoil. The industry recorded a contrary position to the overall market and... Show More

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Oil prices – time to fill up?

David Bassanese

There’s no doubt oil prices have dropped a long way in recent months. Of course, that begs the question of whether oil prices are near their bottom and worth buying from a medium or long-term investment perspective. Although picking exact market bottoms is fraught with difficulty, from an historical perspective... Show More

BetaShares Australian ETF Review: Year end 2015 Report


The exchange traded fund industry came of age during 2015, with continued investor adoption resulting in a number of records broken for funds under management, net inflows, trading activity and number of products launched. The industry recorded its highest ever annual growth in 2015, with funds under management increasing $6.4... Show More

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The Revenant

Jordan Eliseo

Revenant: “one that returns after death or a long absence” from the Latin 'revenir': to return Show More

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Long-run perspectives on stock market risk and returns

David Bassanese

Let us put the recent share market performance into a longer-run perspective. Equity returns over the short-run can be uncomfortably volatile. However, according to our research, based on some longer-run valuation measures, the market is not particularly expensive at current levels. Together with recent modest returns, this suggests scope for... Show More

Niche ETFs in the New Year?


With the January sales in full swing savvy shoppers are looking to get more for their money. Savvy investors, on the other hand, should be aware of the value to be had all year round with ETFs, which we believe are the ultimate low cost diversifier. Along with the search... Show More

Was it worth it

Jordan Eliseo

We think a lot of investors will be asking themselves that question as they wrap Xmas presents and review the annual performance of their portfolios. The hours spent reading blogs and research, dissecting balance sheets and company announcements etc, all trying to work out which asset class to invest in,... Show More

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BetaShares Australian ETF Review: November 2015


The Australian ETF Industry continued to ‘zig’ in November, reaching a new record high of $20.8B funds under management, while the global and broad Australian share market ‘zagged’, recording a month of falling value. Industry growth during the month came entirely from net inflows of $629m in new money, which... Show More

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