glenn stevens

In this thought piece for Ellerston Capital's new global macro fund, Glenn Stevens, the former RBA governor, has some fresh views on drivers of persistent low inflation in this fascinating read that also set this issue within a very long-term historical context. We distilled the highlights for you, and link... Show More

Philip Lowe is set to replace Glenn Stevens as governor of Australia’s central bank, inheriting an economy grappling with the onset of disinflation that forced policy makers to cut interest rates to a record low this week. Lowe, 54, the unanimous forecast of economists surveyed by Bloomberg in October, was... Show More

Matthew Wright

Events in Greece, falling iron ore prices and a correcting Chinese stock market have not altered the market expectation of the RBA this afternoon. Despite some buy flow this morning in the futures market the ASX produced RBA Rate Tracker shows only an 8% chance of a 25 basis point... Show More

Dean Honan

The Curious Case of Ben Bernanke. Ex-Chairman of the Federal Reserve, Ben Bernanke, is planning a memoir that will focus on his time at the Fed, the 2008 Financial Crisis, and on the 'Great Recession' that followed. Under his leadership, the Fed used every known tool to salvage the economy.... Show More