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'Brexit' - A view from London

Miles Staude
Miles Staude Global Value Fund

As a Londoner and a “remain” voter Friday was a very sad turn of events for me. It is important to know however that the final outcome does not necessarily have to be as bad as the initial headlines have made out. What the UK was actually voting on was... Show More

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New Listing Today: Global Value Fund Limited (ASX:GVF) - 11:00am

Matt Felsman
Matt Felsman Asia Pacific Prudential Securities Pty Ltd

New Listing Today: Global Value Fund Limited (ASX:GVF) - 11:00am. Offered to investors at $1.00 per share, a listed investment company (LIC). Australian investors will recognise a few familiar faces on the listed fund's board. Australian Infrastructure Fund chairman and former Herbert Smith Freehills partner Jonathan Trolip will head the... Show More