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Miles Staude

Where the argument that current share market valuations are too high generally breaks down is that it is based on comparing current P/E ratios to very long-run historical averages. In this video and edited transcript below, Emma Davidson poses the question of whether valuations are too high to Miles Staude... Show More

John Kimber

Just in case the doomsayers about the current strong US economy and its durability, have got it wrong, and the current US expansion proves more durable than they expect, we have looked at Small Cap Value Stocks, which have lagged well behind Large Cap Growth. Show More

Miles Staude

Having spent the last 3 weeks on the road around Australia, the most striking takeaway is how bearish the local investor audience is relative to the optimism that is building offshore. In London, market sentiment views the 24% rally we’ve seen in global share markets over the past year as... Show More

Miles Staude

As a Londoner and a “remain” voter Friday was a very sad turn of events for me. It is important to know however that the final outcome does not necessarily have to be as bad as the initial headlines have made out. What the UK was actually voting on was... Show More

Matt Felsman

New Listing Today: Global Value Fund Limited (ASX:GVF) - 11:00am. Offered to investors at $1.00 per share, a listed investment company (LIC). Australian investors will recognise a few familiar faces on the listed fund's board. Australian Infrastructure Fund chairman and former Herbert Smith Freehills partner Jonathan Trolip will head the... Show More