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Christopher Joye

In The Australian Financial Review I argue that the best traders make money through consistent short-term investing rather than via irregular long-term bets given volatility and uncertainty scale with time and in this context reflect on the incredible net returns produced by the world's greatest investor, Renaissance Technologies, which have... Show More

AMP Capital

Empirical studies have demonstrated that asset allocation determines the vast majority of the returns that a portfolio will generate*, with a landmark study by Brinson, Hood and Singer calculating the figure to be as high as 91.5%. To fully leverage this, allocation ranges need to be completely flexible, and AMP... Show More

AMP Capital

AMP Capital’s new exchange traded managed fund, the Dynamic Markets Fund (Hedge Fund), uses five key considerations as part of the dynamic asset allocation investment process. These include asset valuations, stage of the earnings cycle, liquidity and monetary policy, market sentiment, and also technical signals. This process has uncovered an... Show More

Chad Slater

Part one of our Perspective series examined the dire situation facing active managers as their legacy business is under threat from the rise of passive investment strategies. This concluding piece examines why active will continue to exist and actually how passive strategies need active strategies for passive to function properly.... Show More

Livewire Exclusive

BestEx provided Livewire with an exclusive Q&A on HFT: Much of the opposition to HFT in Australia has been emotional and ill-informed. HFT has been described as 'legalised front-running' and unfairly accused of causing market instability. Opponents have called for the practice to be banned, arguing that participants that don't... Show More