Alex Cowie

The whole Livewire team is laser-focused on constantly improving your user experience, with relevant, readable content at the heart of that experience. To ensure the content keeps hitting the mark, we monitor a suite of data points. One we put a lot of weight on is the humble ‘like’ button... Show More

Christopher Joye

One of our best “short” (as opposed to “long”) ideas this year has been to bet that the credit spreads on residential mortgage-backed securities (RMBS) would widen—reducing their price—as a function of the toxic combination of falling house prices, rising defaults, surging supply and plummeting home loan prepayment rates. (We... Show More

Christopher Joye

Being able to measure and monitor the true level of mortgage delinquencies across an economy is essential for investors and regulators interested in asset pricing and financial system stability, amongst other things. Prior to the 2008 global financial crisis, rising mortgage default rates in the United States were an important... Show More