Gavin Wendt

Nickel price momentum looks set to continue, with Standard Chartered forecasting record nickel market deficits during both 2015 and 2016. The group also believes it is extremely unlikely that Indonesia's nickel ore export ban will be lifted, helping provide further price support. They forecast nickel prices of $20,400/t for Q4... Show More

Tom McKay

Jim O'Neill, the ex-chair of Goldman Sachs Asset Management (and the main who first talked about BRIC countries) has now identified the MINT countries - Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria and Turkey - as the emerging economic giants to watch. O'Neill says 1) they have really good inner demographics - meaning they... Show More

James Marlay

Standard Bank has rated Tin as having the best outlook of the six main industrial metals after August export figures show an 80% decline in volumes exported from Indonesia. The change comes on the back of a new law requiring locally produced metal to be traded domestically prior to shipment.... Show More