James Marlay

Standard Bank has rated Tin as having the best outlook of the six main industrial metals after August export figures show an 80% decline in volumes exported from Indonesia. The change comes on the back of a new law requiring locally produced metal to be traded domestically prior to shipment. Tin futures have touched fresh highs of $24,500 per ton with current prices at $23,500 per ton. Lack of new supply remains the major constraint for the metal primarily used in the production of smartphones. For those looking at exposure via the ASX the options are limited with Metals X (MLX) the only listed tin producer (Renison) and a handful of developers including Kasbah (KAS) and Consolidated Tin (CSD) still a way of production. All three have advanced with Kasbah piling on 80% since early July. More detail on the Indonesia situation here (VIEW LINK)


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