One thematic to avoid a housing pullback

Robert Frost

We have seen a plethora of analyses in recent weeks from investment banks such as UBS, Morgan Stanley and Citigroup sounding warning bells on the domestic housing market and data from the latest CoreLogic Home Value Index suggests that the Melbourne and Sydney markets are now firmly in retreat. Show More

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Undiscovered, under researched and under owned

Livewire Exclusive

Arden Jennings, Co-Portfolio Manager of the Ausbil MicroCap Fund, says the majority of his time is spent on 'bottom up' analysis of companies outside the ASX200. The Ausbil approach is described as 'style neutral' - which means they can invest wherever they find the best opportunities. Jennings says they're ideal... Show More

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The Australian economy – five reasons growth will continue

Shane Oliver

For the last few years the Australian economy has been meandering between 2-3% growth. This remained the case through last year with December quarter GDP up just 0.4%, and annual growth of 2.4% as a bounce a year ago dropped out. In the quarter growth was helped by consumer spending... Show More

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CommSec Executive Series: BKI Investment Company (BKI) Portfolio Manager, Tom Millner


CommSec's Tom Piotrowski speaks with BKI Investment Company (BKI) Portfolio Manager, Tom Millner about the company’s first half results, its low fee structure and investment opportunities in the infrastructure, financial & healthcare sectors. Show More

The 8 big issues for 2018

Craig James

For the past 16 years we have produced “The Big Issues” report – a report that has sought to highlight the issues that are expected to influence the economy over the forthcoming 12 months. Show More

Themes and stocks from the WAM Funds’ portfolios

Patrick Poke

At today’s WAM Funds presentation, Chief Investment Officer, Chris Stott, shared some of the key themes and holdings from their current portfolio. He covers their views on the Australian economy, mining services, and retail. He also discusses a company that hadn’t received a visit from an analyst in two years. Show More

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Australia’s infrastructure boom is coming

Patrick Poke

As the housing construction boom comes to an end, the obvious question for investors is ‘where next?’ One potential opportunity lies in transport infrastructure construction, which is poised to double over the next few years. Between roads and rail, annual spend is expected to increase to $16B by 2020. Show More

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Re-rating of European stocks on the cards

Peter Wilmshurst

We know Europe has been through a touch economic cycle over the last few years since the GFC. That's somewhat on the mend now. Once the European earnings come through, the markets will start to appreciate that and reward those stocks - both with a re-rating as well as seeing... Show More

Exposure to infrastructure, mining pick-up: Seven

Robert Frost

Several significant corporate transactions saw us add Seven Group Holdings (ASX:SVW) to our portfolio during the September quarter. These included: Show More

Australia: The land of the rolling Boom

Guy Carson

Australia has just celebrated 26 years without a recession and the Government as well as the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) are cheering the ongoing growth. In fact, the common consensus amongst these authorities is that growth is set to rebound from its current 1.9% year on year rate and... Show More

Are infrastructure stocks overvalued?

Magellan Asset Management

Portfolio Manager Gerald Stack discusses the role that sovereign risk plays when selecting infrastructure stocks, US President Donald Trump’s proposed plans for infrastructure and whether the rally in infrastructure stocks is stretching valuations. Show More

infrastructure valuation sovereign risk ASX:MICH

Bond yield decline drives Macquarie Atlas Roads shares

Andrew Stanley

Shares in toll road asset manager, Macquarie Atlas Roads (ASX:MQA), performed strongly during May. Show More

High risk of significant correction

Livewire Exclusive

There have been some well publicised concerns raised recently about the prospect of elevated risks across asset markets. So, Livewire went on the hunt for insights on how to remain invested in the current market, firstly asking a selection of fund managers: From your perspective is there a heightened level... Show More

Demographic drivers of a $70 trillion infrastructure spend

4D Infrastructure

Forecasts suggest that globally, between US$60 and 70 trillion will need to be spent on infrastructure over the next 15 years. This huge global need for infrastructure is being driven by the following three major economic and demographic tailwinds: Show More

infrastructure demographics IFRA ASX:IFRA

3 new investment thematics from the budget

Livewire Exclusive

To cut through the deafening noise around this week’s Federal budget, Livewire has asked four of Australia’s leading Economists to boil the budget down to its single most important theme, and to explain what it means for investors. We also asked which specific sectors of the market are going to... Show More

The Federal budget: Making the right choices

Craig James

Each budget is different. The economic environment, global context, budget priorities and goals are all different. In terms of this budget – the first in the Government’s new term – the Government wants to be seen as “making the right choices”. That focus makes sense – the Government has to... Show More

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REITs offering numerous short opportunities

Tim Hannon

Since the rapid 20% correction witnessed from August to November 2016, the real estate and infrastructure sector has made a significant recovery. This recovery is difficult to reconcile given there has been no fundamental improvement in the earnings outlook for many of the securities that have rallied so strongly –... Show More

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Why infrastructure stocks can withstand higher interest rate

Magellan Asset Management

The shock election of Donald Trump as US president sparked excitement that his pro-growth policies would reinvigorate the US economy. Talk these policies would be accompanied by faster inflation boosted US long-term interest rates by about 50 basis points over November. While Trump inspired a 14% rally in US equity... Show More

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Will rising interest rates hamper infrastructure stocks?

Magellan Asset Management

Portfolio Manager Gerald Stack discusses whether or not rising interest rates will hamper infrastructure stocks, why he insulates the portfolio from changes in the oil price and why he has reduced his cash holding, of late. Show More

interest rates infrastructure oil price cash rates Trump ASX:MICH

The Growing Country

Glennon Capital

We know Australia is the lucky country – whether that be the weather, the lifestyle, or the 25 plus year streak without a recession. We are also the growing country; Australia’s growth rate of 1.5% outpaces many of our peers. But where is the growth coming from and what is... Show More