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Executive Series: Reva Medical (RVA) CEO, Regina Groves


Executive Series: Reva Medical (RVA) CEO, Regina Groves Show More

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Impedimed – It's all about SOZO

UBS Asset Management

Impedimed (IPD) is an Australian small company that is an emerging global leader in the medical device space with a focus on the accurate measurement of internal bodily fluid and tissue. It is one of the top five holdings for the UBS Australian Small Companies Fund and has been owned... Show More

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A massive market opportunity for Impedimed

Monash Investors Pty Limited

Impedimed is a medical devices company that produces electronic devices capable of measuring the level of fluid in the human body, explains Shane Fitzgerald, Principal at Monash Investors. Their primary product, L-Dex, allows for the early detection of an otherwise incurable condition called Lymphedema, which affects cancer patients after treatment.... Show More

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Ground-breaking study may lead to accelerated sales pipeline for Nanosonics

Canaccord Genuity

A ground-breaking new study has shown that Nanosonic's trophon is the ONLY ultrasound disinfection system able to kill the human papilloma virus (HPV). The predominate systems in the US use glutaraldehyde or OPA while sonographers in the UK and Europe typically use wipes-based systems. None of these systems appear to... Show More

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