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Companies that will attain, and then sustain, very high returns on capital, have the ‘future quality’ that Will Low, Head of Global equities at Nikko Asset Management looks for. Here he discusses two highly successful Australian growth stocks, and a global stock that is a household name, through this lens. He... Show More

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Great investment ideas can come from anywhere, including your everyday observations as a consumer. Will Low, Head of Global equities at Nikko Asset Management recounts a story of how his children helped him first identify an opportunity that has became a highly successful investment for his fund. Show More

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Making accurate predictions is hard, especially about the future. Chris Rands, Portfolio Manager at Nikko Asset Management, says that he likes to focus on demographics when trying to forecast what people will be doing in the future. “When you try to forecast what somebody would be doing, their age is a... Show More

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There are few long-term investing themes as powerful as demographic trends, and the rise of Millennials as the biggest cohort of consumers is a prime example. We sat down with Will Low, Head of Global equities at Nikko Asset Management, who believes the market is yet to understand just how... Show More

Fixed Income
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Chris Rands, Portfolio Manager at Nikko Asset Management, believes that rates are unlikely to rise significantly from current levels. With debt at very high levels across the world, servicing that debt would raise major challenges, which could steady the hand of central bankers. “In Australia, it’s the household sector; in the... Show More

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Tesla shares have bounced back toward all-time highs to put them up 17-fold over eight years. While debate rages over the balance sheet and the delivery of the Model 3, Catherine Wood, CEO and CIO at ARK Investment Management (ARK), calls these a “this year issue”, and sees a significantly... Show More

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The ASX will make history in 2020 when it activates the first industrial scale blockchain in financial services. In this short video, Catherine Wood, CEO and CIO of ARK Investment Management (ARK), a New York-based investment manager with over $6 billion in assets, explains why this move has convinced them... Show More

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Amazon is set to potentially become the first ‘trillion dollar company’. Catherine Wood, CEO and CIO at New York-based ARK Investment Management (ARK), discusses how Amazon got to this point, and which companies have the potential to be true leaders of today’s main ‘innovation platforms’. Show More

Eng-Teck Tan

China might seem like an unlikely candidate for innovation as it is traditionally better known for contract or original equipment manufacturing. However, with its natural advantage of a vast talent pool, financing and market access, China has most of the ingredients needed to transform into the “Silicon Valley of the... Show More

Chris Rands

Over the past 15 years Australian house prices have been on an incredible run, resulting in Australian households becoming some of the most indebted in the world. So what is the economic cost of Australia’s sky high property prices and what could it mean for property prices in 2018? Show More

Stefan Hansen

We recently visited the key US oil regions to speak with domestic and international oil producers, and oil field service providers. The aim being to gauge the growth potential of crude production, particularly from the major US shale plays, where supply growth has been a key contributor to investor concerns... Show More

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The healthcare industry is always evolving, and new therapies drive ongoing growth over and above the growth from the ageing demographic. However, it’s important that investors recognise that the sector’s growth doesn’t necessarily translate equally to each participant, for example, when new therapies displace incumbents. Three particular drivers of change... Show More