One of the world’s largest investment managers, Pimco, has been openly talking about de-risking the portfolio. In this short video just published, Group CIO Dan Ivascyn shortlists some of the key risks on their radar, and how they are adjusting the portfolios to be able to weather a recession. Show More

The global economy is now more than seven years into a durable but modest expansion. But what will happen when the cyclical tailwind that began last summer fades? And how will key policies in the world’s major economies pivot in response to both rising populist pressures and diminishing returns from... Show More

The minutes of the Federal Open Market Committee’s October meeting offered a surprise… A reading of these minutes both confirmed that this committee expects it will hike in December and that the members clearly wanted to send that message. The surprise was the revelation that the Fed’s staff of Ph.D.... Show More

Janus Capital’s Bill Gross believes the “supercycle” for stock and bonds is coming to a close once the Fed’s unconventional monetary policies wind down. The former PIMCO leader said “credit based oxygen is running out” which helped drive the long bullish trend in both stocks and bonds. Gross doesn’t necessarily... Show More

PIMCO: Consider the new neutral. Bill Gross believes there's a new neutral interest rate environment where normal rates are nearer to zero than the Feds presumed 1.75% or the Taylor rule, which assumes 2%. If The New Neutral is closer to 0%, then all asset markets, which are priced off... Show More