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One of the world’s largest investment managers, Pimco, has been openly talking about de-risking the portfolio. In this short video just published, Group CIO Dan Ivascyn shortlists some of the key risks on their radar, and how they are adjusting the portfolios to be able to weather a recession. Show More

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“The PIMCO research paper, “Carry and Trend in Lots of Places,” conducted empirical analysis from 1960 to 2014 covered twenty major markets, determined that sometimes old school market wisdom is just that: Wisdom. They showed that investors are successful when they “Don’t fight the trend” and “Don’t pay too much... Show More

Marcus Bogdan, CIO Asia Pacific

A key highlight during the quarter was the opportunity to travel to the UK and France. The purpose of our trip was principally to glean greater insight into the five industry themes of Energy, Health care, Resources, REITS and Supermarkets. This included a two-day briefing by Ramsay Health Care (ASX:RHC),... Show More

Jay Soloff

Bill Gross and Pimco, one the world's largest bond investors, are betting on low volatility moving forward. The company is wagering on the new neutral which relies on lower interest rates and low but steady global growth. Pimco's fund managers are actively selling options and taking large positions in interest-rate... Show More

Tom McKay

The PIMCO Total Return Fund has lost its crown as the world's biggest mutual fund to Vanguard's Total Stock Market Index Fund in another sign that investors are rapidly rotating from bonds into stocks. Gross's flagship fund fell to $248bn in assets at the end of October, after another month... Show More

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PIMCO has provided its insights on the Fed, reiterating key points made by commentators recently whilst adding its own opinion on when rates will rise. The world's largest bond fund clearly highlighted the difference between tapering of bond purchases and how it does not translate to tightening monetary policy and... Show More