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Scott Haslem started his career in 1991 as an economist working alongside the likes of Glenn Stevens and Bernie Fraser at the RBA. Today he is the Chief Investment Officer of Crestone Wealth Management, a firm that oversees ~$16 billion of assets on behalf of wealthy individuals and not for... Show More

Bob  Sahota

Appetite for alternative defensive allocations continues to grow as investors seek new ways to preserve capital and generate stable income. This is supported by a number of factors such as the current low interest rate environment resulting in low absolute yields, as well as recent increases in public market volatility.... Show More

Luke Cummings

Prudent portfolio management shouldn’t rely upon the assumption that everything will remain the same or that economic settings of the past will continue. Unfortunately, this is how many portfolios in Australia are typically managed. This is particularly dangerous when one considers that current economic settings are quite different to what... Show More

Clime Asset Management

Average holding periods of equities have never been shorter, sitting at 8.3 months for EOY2015. The introduction of electronic trading has provided market-makers with some degree of liquidity during times of increased volatility, leaving markets extremely short-term focused. This in turn, can arguably lead to far greater short-term volatility, which... Show More

David Bassanese

Let us put the recent share market performance into a longer-run perspective. Equity returns over the short-run can be uncomfortably volatile. However, according to our research, based on some longer-run valuation measures, the market is not particularly expensive at current levels. Together with recent modest returns, this suggests scope for... Show More

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The key to income investing. Alvin Chan, Portfolio Manager at Altair Asset Management, is responsible for managing and constructing an income portfolio. He says that one of the challenges facing income investors is generating income whilst also preserving capital. I am very cognisant of investors investing in income funds that... Show More

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The world's largest sovereign wealth fund: A closer look. In a move to increase transparency and strengthen the vote execution chain, the world's largest sovereign wealth fund is planning to publish how it will vote at annual meetings from 2015. On TradingFloor.com, Alex Forrest Whiting reveals five facts about Norway's Oil... Show More