risk management

Crestone Wealth Management

After what has been a very long run of strong market returns, it is only natural that investors’ attention starts to move toward when that run might end, and as each day passes, we move closer to the end of the cycle. This kind of sentiment understandably makes investors somewhat... Show More

Livewire Exclusive

Scott Haslem started his career in 1991 as an economist working alongside the likes of Glenn Stevens and Bernie Fraser at the RBA. Today he is the Chief Investment Officer of Crestone Wealth Management, a firm that oversees ~$16 billion of assets on behalf of wealthy individuals and not for... Show More

Angus Coote

There continues to be evidence to support the Jamieson Coote Bonds team's thesis that investors should be re-assessing their portfolio construction and risk allocations to avoid unintended heightened bank/financial related exposure. JCB's approach is one that diversifies investors away from such exposures whilst providing a cornerstone defensive portfolio allocation. These... Show More

Luke Cummings

Yesterday, in part one of this series, we discussed the importance of conducting due diligence on the strategy and process your investment manager. Apart from the initial investigative work, it also helps to know whether the manager is doing something genuinely different from others. After all, if your fund manager... Show More

Luke Cummings

Considering the strategy of an investment manager, which is essentially their investment approach and process, is a crucial element when assessing a fund manager, and one which is often underemphasised. While returns can and will fluctuate over time - and hence chasing past returns is a poor manager selection approach... Show More

Mathan Somasundaram

Risk Management and Beta: The two major types of risk when investing in equity markets are systematic and non-systematic risk. Non-systematic risk can be reduced through diversification while Systematic risk or market/macro risk can be reduced by picking stocks that changes the overall portfolio beta relative to the market to... Show More

Chad Slater

Warning: this is a geeky post. This week we aren't discussing market movements nor another post on Woolworths (there's a opposing view on Livewire to read - that's what makes a market). No, this is a post on the mundane yet esoteric world of risk. It's a favourite interview question... Show More