Mathan Somasundaram

Local market was started positive before falling and then making a decent recovery on average China inflation data to finish mainly flat. Tomorrow is the last day of trading before we go into a four-day long weekend…not sure investors want to leave global markets open to US/Russia/Syria/China/North Korea for that... Show More

Mathan Somasundaram

Local market fell on US strike on Syria after opening positive…and then recovered into the close to slight positive. Spot gold bounced and bond yields fell as market ran to safety with rising geo political risks adding existing global macro risks. Gold, Energy and Utilities were the best performers while... Show More

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Jay Soloff

Is the price of oil finally coming down? After spending several weeks between roughly $105 and $110 a barrel, the price of crude (the WTIC variety) finally dropped below the usual range to around $103. Oil prices have been elevated ever since tensions began in Egypt and continued with possible... Show More

Livewire News

As markets focus on an impending attack on Syria, Jeff Kleintop, Chief Market Strategist at LPL Financial, highlights how the stock market has a track record of bottoming out days before a military strike. Most military conflicts have prompted a common pattern in the stock market: impending war acted as... Show More