Daily Report
James Gerrish

The market brushed the weakness seen overnight to trade around even for much of the session. Just like yesterday it ebbed and flowed around 6220 handle on the ASX 200 with very little conviction for the market to push on in either direction. Today it was the banks offsetting the... Show More

JCP  Investment Partners

The reporting season in Australia completed in February. Overall, reporting season exceeded low expectations, with consensus June 2019 forecasts being upgraded marginally (aggregate revisions to June 2019 profits were upgraded by 0.3%). Consensus bottom up eps growth forecasts for the June 2019 year now stand at 6.3%. This is dominated... Show More

Asset Allocation
Tim Johnston

Fourth quarter 2018 saw the market essentially pricing in a recession via a strong risk-off sell down; economically sensitive (cyclical and financial) stocks were hit hard. In the case of financials, there were additional concerns due to negative sentiment associated with the Financial Services Royal Commission. Not surprising, expectations from... Show More

Patrick Poke

ASIC considering up to 40 court cases following Royal Commission; Self-driving cars will change the face of auto-insurance, and there’s a US-based start-up set to take advantage of it; and hedge funds load up on US tech stocks following Q4 sell-off. Here’s what’s happening in markets today. Show More

James Gerrish

Another hugely interesting day and we’ve just had BHP across the ticker to round things out (I have done a quick recording below after the numbers dropped). Six large caps dropped more than 6%, a couple by more than 20% while on the flipside, five stocks in the top 200... Show More

Alex Cowie

With markets more unpredictable than ever, I reached out to Hugh Dive at Atlas Funds to get his view of the year ahead. In this exclusive written Q&A, he shares three key considerations for investing in 2019, and one big risk investors are underpricing. Show More

James Gerrish

Another day where sellers dominated for much of the session, although it was choppy and early weakness was offset by better than expected jobs data out at 11am. That prompted some strong buying amongst the banks simply given its another incremental piece of data that goes against the growing calls... Show More

Fund Manager Q&A

For two years now, Roger Montgomery has been warning investors of a pending housing crash. While these claims were initially met with scepticism, as the data has deteriorated significantly in Sydney and Melbourne, more investors are coming to accept this thesis. According to CoreLogic’s Home Property Value Index, prices for... Show More