Alex Cowie

We recently reviewed the ten most tipped stocks, which are leading the market by 17% so far this year. However, there was a second crop, the ‘ten more’ most tipped stocks (i.e. in positions 11-20)… So, how is this group tracking so far? This list included Jumbo Interactive and Nearmap, which... Show More

Joe Magyer

At Lakehouse Capital we're always on the lookout for industry leaders that are gaining share of growing markets. We backed two more recently and discussed the investment cases for them in our latest investor letter. Audinate, a clear market leader Audinate provides digital networking hardware and software to the professional audio-visual (AV)... Show More

Andrew Mitchell

While the domestic economy continues to face a myriad of growth hurdles near term, Australian businesses with established channels into higher growth offshore markets (particularly the US and Asia) have been amply rewarded for their investment in overseas expansion. Show More

JCP  Investment Partners

The reporting season in Australia completed in February. Overall, reporting season exceeded low expectations, with consensus June 2019 forecasts being upgraded marginally (aggregate revisions to June 2019 profits were upgraded by 0.3%). Consensus bottom up eps growth forecasts for the June 2019 year now stand at 6.3%. This is dominated... Show More

Alex Cowie

Last week we shared the ‘the ten most tipped stocks for 2019’ each of which received more than 1% of the ~2500 stock tips from readers in our recent survey. Today's wire looks at the next tier down: the stocks that got between 0.5% and 1.0% of tips. It’s an... Show More

Scott Power

The healthcare sector has been very strong this year, and here we touch on eight players within it. There have also been a couple of laggards in that space too, and they are the IVF players. So we've been sitting with neutral recommendations on the space the last two years.... Show More

Marcus Padley

Last week we saw BWX, BKL, A2M, WTC, NCK, NAN and BIN all up 7% or more. BAL is up 85% in three months, A2M is up 83%, WTC is up 55%, BWX is up 28%, BLA is up 46%. The mid-cap sector is having a dream rally. A lot... Show More