It’s hard to ignore the chants of thousands of young people outside your office window on a seemingly weekly basis demanding action on Climate Change. We see this and sustainability more broadly as the pivotal theme for 2020.

While climate concerns have been building for years, we feel the tipping point has been reached as zero carbon policies get enacted into government legislation and corporate strategies all around the world.

Making zero emissions a binding goal …. easy to say, but it’s going to cost a lot of money, and we are following the money.

The key point is corporates are now moving ahead of government policy. Their stakeholders are demanding it: customers, employees and $30 trillion in ESG mandates mean CEOs will listen and act.

The cost to go net zero emissions will go well into the trillions of dollars. As stock pickers, we are drilling down on investing in some of the beneficiaries: companies that are leveraged to clean energy; batteries; storage supply chain; more efficient transportation, as well as other businesses that are catching on to consumer trends around food, packaging and sustainable buildings.

As always, there will only be a small handful of winners worldwide and a long tail of losers. There is a laundry list of businesses which will need to adapt or die and below is a small subset from which we will disclose our key investments early in the new year.  

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