Aussie market took a hit on collateral damage from macro risks rising. Five reasons why risks are up for Australian market (1) China growth worries after the move to stimulate their economy at levels not seen since GFC (2) Greece facing risk of leaving EU (3) US inflation up for 3 months in a row to put pressure on interest rates (4) major commodity outlook facing oversupply and falling demand (5) Benign budget and astonishing employment data to put May rate cut in doubt. Turnover was just above $4.4b. We feel that such unrealistically solid job creation, benign budget and currency war from much bigger nations will force RBA to leave rates unchanged in May. If RBA decides to cut rates in May, we expect that it will be another wasted cut similar to Feb with global macro over powering any RBA influence to the currency. The short term macro still remains very positive for buying Gold equities since mid March. (VIEW LINK) Babar Critiques our Federal Government >

James Marlay

Too much time with the kids over Easter Mathan?

Mathan Somasundaram

After watching this clip I realized why kids in grade 4 get more done than governments :)