Appen management track record "outstanding"

Robert Frost

During June, we added speech and search technology services company, Appen (ASX:APX), to the portfolio. APX is a global leader across its two divisions: 1) Content Relevance, which provides smart data to improve the relevance and accuracy of search results, and 2) Language Resources, which provides data used in speech recognition technologies (e.g. Apple’s Siri) and other machine-learning technologies with expertise in more than 150 languages. APX has strong structural tailwinds borne out of its leverage to rapidly growing core markets of e-commerce, digital media, artificial intelligence, where it has a strong competitive position, and unique intellectual property. Management’s track record on execution has been outstanding since listing in January 2015 and the company now boasts nine of the top 10 global technology companies as customers. (VIEW LINK)

Robert Frost

Robert was appointed Head of Investments in 2009 and has been a Portfolio Manager since joining OC Funds Management in 2001. Robert is also an Executive Director of parent company, Copia Investment Partners. Robert is responsible for the...


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