In recent years, global listed infrastructure has underperformed broader equity markets as investors maintained their appetite for riskier asset classes. However, amidst recent market volatility, global infrastructure demonstrated its generally defensive characteristics to outperform broader equity markets.


Multiple factors point to a strong outlook for infrastructure as structural, rather than cyclical, factors drive the continued and increasing need for private sector investment in order to meet expected global economic and population growth. In addition, private sector capital earmarked for investment in infrastructure is at record levels with approximately $170 billion sitting on the sidelines. This pent-up private sector demand is creating a ‘valuation floor’ for infrastructure stocks.


Argo Global Listed Infrastructure Limited (AGLI) (ASX: ALI) provides investors with a diversified portfolio of global infrastructure securities with the objective of providing long-term capital growth and dividend income.


Watch the presentation below to hear Andy discuss the benefits of global listed infrastructure, his view of topical issues, and a discussion on a number of top stocks.  

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