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One of the key aspects to any overseas trip is to gain from the perspective of local management, not only to gauge the growth prospects within the domestic market, but to also assess any flow-on effects for Australia. After returning from a recent trip to the U.S, we realised the opportunities for one ASX small cap stock are quite a lot bigger than we had originally thought.

Key points

  • By visiting the operations in the US, I got an enormous amount of comfort around the momentum of the economy, particularly the companies we visited
  • Our visit to EML Payments provided insight into a specific opportunity around payment processing for corporate America
  • In the case of the United States, we've got a payment system that still relies heavily on cheques and is very people intensive.
  • EML payments provide a specialist processing function to these large corporations, resulting in improved cash flow and increased automation.
  • Competition is very low, with only three firms in the United States offering a similar service.
  • EML Payments announced further expansions yesterday on the ASX

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