Beyond bricks and mortar - insights into global listed real estate

Quay Global Investors

Chris Bedingfield, Principal and Portfolio Manager at Quay Global Investors, discusses the global investment opportunities presented by listed real estate. He explores:

  • why should investors consider global real estate compared to domestic real estate? (start at 0.12);
  • why is now a good time to invest in global real estate? (starts at 1.47);
  • are you concerned about rising interest rates and the impact that may have on global real estate? (starts at 3.42); and
  • What are the main themes that influence your investment decisions? (starts at 5.42)

Access the audio insight here.

Quay Global Investors

Quay Global Investors (Quay) is a boutique investment manager focused on the preservation and creation of wealth through innovative strategies in real estate securities. Quay was launched in May 2015 as a partnership with principals Justin...


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