When stocks are sold off widely as we’ve seen lately, there’s always some which are unjustly caught up in the malaise. In amongst the negativity and fear, it is difficult for investors to separate the wheat from the chaff. Magellan has been one of the top performers on the ASX for a number of years now, if you were lucky enough to invest in September 2011, you could’ve made 1675%… plus dividends! Likewise, Ramsay Health Care has consistently outperformed over the past decade but has been sold off in recent months. Origin Energy, once a market darling, has fallen 66% in the last year - has it fallen too far? We also asked our contributors for one stock they think has been oversold. Join Steve Johnson and Roger Montgomery in this latest episode of Buy Hold Sell.

Steve Johnson

Just a quick caveat here. The share price was less than 40c when we recorded this video, 57c today. Not the same option value it was.

Patrick Poke

Great news there for Forager investors Steve!

Steve Johnson

Well ... whether it is good news or not remains to be seen! Let's call it a lucky start for now.