Buy Hold Sell - Recent Listings: MBL, EHE, PSQ, SIO. One of the dominant themes throughout 2015 has been the steady flow of new listings on the ASX. However, as the year draws to the end it appears that the window for new floats is starting to close. Jeremy Bendeich says he anticipates a hiatus on IPO's until at least after reporting season in February and says the pricing of some recent floats has left a general distaste with institutional investors. I think until there are more realistic expectations (on price) we are going to see a little less enthusiasm. Geoff Wilson from Wilson Asset Management notes that while floats have continued to come to market a number of them have been re-priced and still come on and traded at a discount. In the final episode of Buy Hold Sell for 2015 Jeremy and Geoff discuss the current outlook for IPO's and review recent listings including Medibank. Click here to watch the video.


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