At the end of last year we invited Livewire readers to submit their #1 stock picks for 2016. In this episode of Buy Hold Sell we look at the five stocks that were most frequently picked by our readers. BHP is at multi year lows, but we have seen how quickly share prices can bounce back. CSL always looks expensive but has a track record as a trusted performer. Macquarie has been a market darling, however the stock has sold off heavily and is sure to have a few investors looking for answers. Businesses facing the Chinese consumer had a stellar run in 2015 and A2 Milk was is company the benefiting from this trend. Finally, retail banks have been on the nose and none less than ANZ. Will a management shake out be a catalyst for a turn around? Matthew Kidman from Centennial Funds hosts Geoff Wilson and Ben Clark in the first episode of Buy Hold Sell for 2016. Click on the image below to watch the video


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