2020 has thrown up plenty of challenges making it a testing time for investors and managers of companies. Jonathan Armitage, Chief Investment Officer of MLC Asset Management, says that backing managers who can withstand adversity and then create opportunity is one of the defining characteristics of private equity investing.

“Strong management is a crucial element in these businesses, alongside the growth opportunities, which we, as private equity investors back very significantly.”

He believes that the current environment is presenting attractive opportunities for skilled management teams with a medium-term outlook. While private markets present a unique investment opportunity relative to public markets, there are material differences when it comes to liquidity and returns.

In this short video, Armitage explains the return profile of private equity investments and why investors need to take a patient approach.  

Invest with a leading Private Equity Manager

The MLC Private Equity team has successfully launched two co-investment funds that have generated strong returns for investors. MLC Private Equity has created an opportunity with a newly created closed-ended fund and a larger fund size to better match the level of potential co-investment opportunities.

Co-Investment Fund III First Close is planned for October 2020 with documents recommended to be submitted by no later than 30 September 2020.

This opportunity is for Wholesale Investors only, please click here for more information.