Chris joins David in this special episode to discuss the Coronavirus, housing markets, private debt and LIC stamping fees.

Chris is of the view that the increased market volatility presents opportunities for investors, however they must be cautious. He highlights the implications on financial markets posed by Coronavirus and speculates that whilst the Chinese may surprise with an early vaccine we should conservatively assume that it will be 12+ months away.

Given this and current market expectations, Chris believes that the RBA will likely cut the cash rate by 25bp in April and will begin QE in a matter of time... and as it's almost Un-Australian to discuss cash rates without a mention of property, Chris is expecting Australian property prices to rise anywhere from 20% to 30% throughout the cycle (trough to peak, including the 10%+ we have already seen) but believes that an inflationary cycle could see them rapidly rerate down by up to 40%.

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