Clean Teq Holdings  owns a world-class, shallow, high-grade scandium/nickel/cobalt deposit at Syerston in outback NSW. The core elements within this deposit are critical ‘future economy’ minerals including:

Scandium, used in light-weight alloy strengthening such as in jet aircraft, with Clean Teq  recently signing a collaboration agreement with French giant, Airbus,

Cobalt, which is used in lithium-ion batteries, for which the world’s rapidly evolving battery manufacturing industry has no reliable western world supplier.

Clean Teq  is co-chaired by executive director, Sam Riggall, who was previously Rio Tinto’s lead negotiator on  its enormous +US$20bn Oyu-Tolgoi copper mine in  Mongolia. Riggall’s co-chair at Clean Teq is Robert Friedland,  a billionaire resources industry veteran who recently  addressed Clean Teq investors on a global roadshow and shared  his vision of Syerston as being a game-changing project  for Clean Teq.

The company also has a water purification  business with pilot projects in China which we expect will  be realised at a good premium to its current valuation in  the short to medium-term.


James Chirnside

Richard Friedland??? Robert I think.....