Today, Commonwealth Bank released their full-year result. Like many investors, Market Matters have been buyers and holders of CBA for quite some time. The banks and in particular CBA have offered fantastic returns over the last 5 years with CBA up over 60%, not including dividends which have been substantial. Why does today's result have a bearing on Australian equity markets? 1) CBA is the largest company on the ASX: With a Market Cap of AUD $132 billion CBA makes up 8.5% of the index, so it has a real bearing on where the index goes. 2) Broad exposure to Australian economy: CBA represents an excellent gauge of domestic economic trends. 3) CBA will set the sentiment for all Big 4 Banks: Good or Bad; CBA will significantly influence the banking sector over the coming months and that will clearly have a bearing on the broader market. Read or watch our analysis of the results below.