In today's emergency podcast, our attention turns to one of the most volatile periods in money markets we have seen in a century. We thought given the uncertainty, volatility and confusion that it was a great time to give our own thoughts. 

The agenda includes a virus update, discussion on the credit markets, stock market, property market, potential stimulus, when to buy back into markets again, and a range of audience questions. 

In today's webinar, hear from Nucleus Wealth’s Head of Investment Damien Klassen, Chief Strategist David Llewellyn Smith, and Head of Operations Tim Fuller, as they cover "Coronavirus causes Markets State Of Emergency." 

If this episode sounds of interest to you, watch in the YouTube player below or in podcast form here (links are featured at the bottom right of the player if you wish to listen on your preferred platform). 

Matt Daniell

Interesting - the markets will rally (stabilise) once the economic "panic" peaks (sorry if I have not accurately remembered your point). I'm watching the SPI act as if there is nothing to see here - the Dow erasing most of it's gains relative to the SPI, yet we are still 200pts higher. Sometimes I wonder... I doubt few can say or even suggest what the new "normal" will be once the dust settles. I can see how your strategies would be flexible in considering this. I say more global warming to fight this CV-19 (though I see the warm climate theory is losing a bit of cred).