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Few musings today...You know what is really scary..the banks have collectively made $27bn of record profits in an economy that according to the Coalition was stuffed..according to the figures was going nowhere but down..according to the housing sector was struggling..according to the retailers was in massive trouble...and YET they made $27bn!!!!So just think how much they will make now that we have a new Government, record low rates, house prices going silly and consumers back in the game after the more at (VIEW LINK)

Henry Jennings

dont go into Dick Smith then..that may change your view!

James Marlay

I went shopping at one of the retail super centres over the weekend (JB Hi-Fi, Freedom, Harvey Norman etc). The place was packed with families and it wasn't just rubbernecking. I get the impression retailers are going to do pretty well over Christmas. Housing turnover means people want more white goods, televisions, furniture.... The level of activity definitely caught me by surprise.