Paul Taylor, Portfolio Manager of the Fidelity Australian Equities Fund says his two big advantages are the quality of his team and their access to market intelligence, provided by Fidelity’s global network. “These two things really help us to deeply understand Australian companies and how they fit into the global competitive landscape.” Taylor was elected to the Australian Fund Managers 'Hall of Fame' in 2015 alongside buy-side legends such as John Sevior, Geoff Wilson and Peter Morgan. He has delivered an average of 12.8% per annum returns* to investors over the past 13 years. Importantly, Taylor’s fund has outperformed the index** relatively consistently, in up and down markets, by an average of 3.4%* per annum since inception. For more information on the fund and to receive monthly insights from Fidelity’s global team, please register your details here. <a href="" target="_blank" data-event-type="click" data-event="link_click">(VIEW LINK)</a>