LEIGH botterill

Congratulations on an excellent article, Gopi. As an old, retired Bond trader, I am astonished at what has been dreamed up by Central Bankers in order to effectively save the world. We are all in a terrible mess and backed into a corner and I concur with the potential out-of-control hyper-inflation scenario (and probable destruction of the US$) as the ultimate outcome. However, I must admit that until recently, I was sure that a deflationary recession/depression was likely. Perhaps we will have both, with the latter happening first, helped along by the oil price collapse. I am watching gold very closely - not as an investment option - but as a signal as to what might unfold first. Thank you for your article.

Param Singh

excellent article! thanks

Girishkumar Vinod

I think Gopi is missing a very important point that Japan is always a net exporter. Against that US has a reserve currency status backed by Military. All the rest are having no such status and will result in destruction in value of their currency.