Whenever I bump into mining acquaintances at conferences, events, even in the street, the conversation usually starts with "how are you ?". I am getting tired of hearing "I'm good, market is still crap though...". I'm beginning to think people are just so used to saying this that it's become a habit. In the last few weeks we have seen media reports paraphrasing remarks of several the leaders of various major miners which indicate they now have teams assessing acquisitions once again. There is also the shadowy specter of Private Equity money which is clearly well funded (Mick Davis' X2 reports US$5.6B of commitments). An acquisition by a major miner would break a trend of more than two years of being pure sellers, and mark a change of pace in the mining sector. It won't signal we're back in the boom, but it will tell us we are well on our way - and if the media is to be believed, it may not be that far off. You can find the rest here: (VIEW LINK)