With investment performance and inflows continuing to be strong, we are approaching the point where we will close the Forager Funds  Australian Shares Fund (FASF) to new investments. We believe a sensible size limit on the strategy is $150m to $200m in total assets. It is our view that managing more than that amount would likely diminish our capacity to replicate historically good investment performance. As we are rapidly approaching the lower level of the strategy limit, we currently expect that the final day for receipt of applications will be Friday 7 October 2016. Following this date, we intend to pursue a path to listing this fund on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). We and a significant majority of existing FASF investors believe that listing the FASF on the ASX provides Forager with the best possible vehicle to produce long term investment performance, especially through periods of market stress and dysfunction. For more information on the proposed listing and to download application forms, please visit here: (VIEW LINK)